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In 2001 Yeti Joined forces with Pearl Izumi to bring you the Yeti-Pearl Izumi race team, Riders included- Tara Llanes- DH and 4X, Nathan Rennie- DH and 4X, Paul Rowney- XC & Trent Lowe XC.


Tara in action at the Sea Otter 2001


Team Yeti/Pearl Izumi rider. Trent Lowe


Tara in action at Mammoth 2001, thanks to MTBETC

Nathan Rennie at the Sea Otter 2002. thanks to Chris Hanna (Lawwill owner)

Nathan Rennie competing for Yeti for the last time at the RedBull Freeride Competition in Jindabyne Austrailia- Pic MTB-Freak- Click for large image


Tara - click for large image