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Team Yeti always has the coolest bikes, with the best and most race worthy parts, This page is where you will find them.

More Team bikes can be seen at- John Parker's Collection

And here in - Racing Pages - Team 09 ( New style 303- Proto DJ Ect ect)

And here is - Prototypes And in the forum- but you’ll need to search for them!

Below- The YETI MTB holy grail.John Tomac FRO - Found in 2014, being ridden by a guy called Donald Gerlach who bought it in about 91. Some of the parts are not original, but thankfully he has those!

Paul Tracy Thermo PlasticAS-LT

Tara's AS-R training bike. Used on the Turbo for warm ups,and for riding when not racing.

Tomac's 1990 Worlds C-26

A shot of Nathan's bikes, and above right his 2001 Yeti Lawwill

Colin Bailey's DH-4

Curly and her speed bike

Tara’s 2001 4X Bike

John Tomac's 1990 Yeti C-26

Jimmy Deaton's Yeti 'Barracuda' Deaton moved to Barracuda, and used his old AS LT until he got his new race bike- you can see where it has Barracuda over the original Yeti decal.


Missy Giove's Yeti ARC AS LT, picture taken in 2003 in Durango.

Tara's XS Team Lawwill from the Yeti PI Days.

John Tomac Yeti C26 on display at Cycle Shark Germany.

A Giant on Yetifan?  read the text! note some special Yeti items- the Seat clamp - & the cable guides”


These 4 Pictures:- Jared Graves 2005 Yeti 303 DH bike, Pictures taken at Fort William World cup finals, above  you can see the new linkage to stiffen the rear end up.

Jimmy Deatons ARC AS

 (also top left)

Above:- Jared Graves Yeti DJ in team colours! you want one right?

Ross Milan 4x frame- No5

Above:- Jared Graves 303 at World Champs Livigno. Thanks to Tex

Ex Tara Llanes frame, was her back up bike, then used by Jill Kintner until the new style 4X was built.

Missy Giove ARC at Big Bear in 92.

Ranjeet Grewal  92 at Big Bear.

Team Yeti 4X spotted at Willingen world cup. also team DJ. Pics from Christiaan van der Laan

Here you have two pictures I took at the NORBA races in Atlanta back in 1990. There is even a C-26 there. Seams to be a 17,5” frame… … yes I participated in the race, start no. 2332… I still have the numberplate and t-shirt from the race + some 20-30 extra pictures from the race days… Happy trails

Tor-Ståle Hansen

These pictures from 2007 Lisbon Downtown, thanks to Miguel.


Thanks to Greg for these pictures of some team bikes he came into contact with.

More in YOM August.


Jared’s 08 YETI 303, seen at Fort William World champs 07


Jared’s 303 seen at the YETI Factory.


Sam Willoughby World Champs (Jnr) YETI BMX.

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