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RPM_Logo_150pxHere you will find Pictures from the RPM Yeti Development team, based in Colorado.

These pictures are from the 2007 & 2008 seasons, for older pictures, please see the first RPM Gallery below


scottbikes1 scottbikes2

ust wanted to say I love your site.

scottbikes5My Boys and I race for the RPM/Yeti Developmental team in Colorado

I took the liberty of sending a few pictures along, if you have any interest in using them that's great, if not feel free to ignore them

My youngest, Matt, is 10 years old. Took a little bit of doing to fit him onto a 303. The bike is a stock small frame with a Pushed RP23 air shock to lower the bottom bracket (at the expense of a little reduced rear travel). He's running a 24" rear wheel to further drop the rear, and is using a 130 mm Fox Float up front. Everything else is pretty stock.

His 4X is a stock small frame with 24" rims front and rear

Jake, my 14 year old, and I both run Large 303's. He's got one of the new 4X frames, and I've got Ross Milan's old #5 Frame.

My Judy lays claim to the best looking bike in the household with her 05 Asr-SL in Hot pink, much better looking then the current paint scheme.

Just wanted to share, we've been looking at your site since before we owned our first Yeti. Keep up the good work, Scott


In the pics, the kid on the 303 with a single-crown fork is Matt Branney, he’s like 9 years old and RIPS. The picture of the kid on the 303 with a Fox 40 on it is his brother Jake Branney. The rider in the stars and Stripes jersey is Rudy Unrau: he’s the U.S. Semi-Pro National Champion for Dual Slalom.



Here are some pictures of the RPM Guys from 2004 + previous seasons.

Left and Middle:My name is Zach Griffith of Centenninal Colorado. I am a current RPM/YETI rider. The 2003 season was my first season with the team, and my second year on a bike. These are some pictures of me in Angel Fire, New Mexico for the Chile Challenge. Thanks, Zach

Click above and left for large image  -   Above right Zach at the 2003 Blast the Mass at Snowmass


Above-Here is Ian Richards, RPM/Yeti pro downhiller at Sea Otter. He came in 56th. He'll be on a DH-9 at Big Bear. Click for large image

Rotating Picture

These 3 pics of Dan