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Find the store HERE. Store news, as you know, the YETIFAN store sells all the latest Yeti gear, into Europe, low postage and no Taxes when your item arrives (unlike US sourced goods). (a $200 order can attract as much as 70/e70 in tax and charges!) So buy from Yetifan who has already paid these for you.

100% Logo Colour on WhiteFollowing a lot of enquiries about a winter glove, I have decided to stock 100%, who you may know for their goggles. The Brisker glove come in winter and waterproof winter models, I have stocked a few others too, as they are too awesome not too. Very well priced, very well made, I am very happy to bring you these products.  They get rave reviews from riders who use them.


muc-off-bannerAlso, I have started to stock Muc-off, available all over the world, and on every street corner, how can I not also jump on and get the best lubes and cleaning products in the sport. I have selected a few popular items that to me, stand out and are essentials.

SB130 & SB150 models continue to be delivered, soon I will add the spare parts to the store for these models. A grease gun is essential, with a UK low price of 33.99, they are flying out the door!

Anything you want to know, questions, or for a product you’d like to see,

email  or just say hi, its cool to hear from tribe.


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This is a ton of work as there is tens of thousands of pics.

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YETI 2019 Announced!


Big news is the LIFETIME warranty on all 2019 frames (inc all SB100)

Links go to the Yeti site direct, who better to tell you about the new range...

Line up is -



Updated- SB5 C & T Carbons (inc LR)

SB5 Beti

2019_YetiCycles_SB130_Frame_Black_012019_YetiCycles_SB130_TS_Storm_XX1_XMCALL NEW - SB130 C & T Cabons





2019_YetiCycles_SB150_Frame_Orange_02 ALL NEW - SB150 C & T Carbons.

Updated - SB6 C & T Carbons.







OUT-  SB5+ and the SB5.5(replaced)  & SB45 are history..



NEW - YETI Team Saddle and YETI Grips by Ergon.



EWS TEAM JERSEYS. only Medium left!

The same jerseys as the team are using. Be part of the team!

Limited edition.(pics thanks to YETI UK & Richie Rude)





The ERGON Team YETI Grips (39.95) and Team YETI Saddle (139.95) are on order and will be in store in about a month or so.

2002018_Yeti_Grip_TU_Turq-zoom@2x2002018_Yeti_Saddle_Ergon_Turq-zoom@2xYou might have seen some new ERGON goodies popped up on the YETI Site?

I’ve got the part numbers, I’ve got the info, I now have them ordered, and they will be here one day! More news as I get it.

I expect the saddles to sell out very fast!

Prices TBC.

RICHIE RUDE with NEW XTR! (Pic Joe Lawwill)


More news on 12speed XTR here.


NEW YETI Announced- SB100 XC & Speed Trail weapon- (Shipping now!)

From 5999( $5999 GX Cseries) full bike and 3299 Turq Frame ($3400) & Eagle Turq full bike/Kashima ETC at  ($8995). All the info you’ll ever need -




Yeti Cycles. SB100. from Yeti Cycles on Vimeo.



Thanks to (FB) YetiCycles UK for these pics of Richie Rude EWS bike. (Click for full size)







New 2018 Team bikes spotted! - Pic Richie Rude on Instagram.



Spotted on Geoff Kabush’s instagram- @geoffkabush

New ASR replacement???


Spotted on Richie Rude Facebook -

New team colours?





2018_Yeti_Sock_Flag_Storm-zoom@2xMore SOCKS!

I’ve arranged to get the rest of the 2018 range of socks over here, look out for these hitting the store in March, for delivery in APRIL!

All the socks shown in the store currently are due in 28th Feb.





Some good for sale bikes on the facebook page - Can’t view face book? email me here!



2018 YETI Lineup is HERE!

Broken down in two levels of carbon

C- good Carbon - fully built bike.

T- Super good carbon - Frame only or custom built (or Team replica)

IN -


SB 45 T & C (Pics of SB45T & SB45T full build)


SB 55 T & C (Pics of SB55T & SB55T Full Bulld)


SB5 T & C (pics of SB5 T - & SB5 Lunch Ride)


SB5+ T & C

Pics to follow

SB6 T & C (Pics of SB6T frames, SB6C bike, and SB6T team bike)







Racing News and offical YETI news.


EWS no1 this weekend.


March 2019

Richie Rude to Miss EWS No1 at Rotorua New Zealand. More news as we get it. EWS No1 is on the 24th March.

The rest of the YETI/FOX EWS team will be in attendance.


Richie & Jared Drug story------

Been a little late posting this, as I wanted to see all the facts. In a nutshell, yes they failed the test. But, they are not aware of taking any substance, so it looks as though its been digested accidentally.

The original story on Pink Bike-

Richies Reply -

Jareds Reply-

The outcome as far as I can tell,  is they will both, or could both get a fine, or a ban. Length of time could be 6 months, however, this wont affect Jared, it could affect Richie, and some tales I’ve read means he could miss the start of the EWS season, but may not affect a DH season. This appears to be hearsay, full news as I hear it.




LAST  EWS-   30th September- Finale Ligure Italy.

Richie takes the win again, making it 4 straight race wins for the SB150. He ended the season in 7th overall.

Full highlights here.




spainwinsmall44819212172_efc1ae2110_msmallspain44127044874_a5e831b47d_mUS No7 - Spain 22-23rd September.


Shawn Neer 30th/ was the only other Yeti Result.


Richie wins in Spain! First time out for the SB150 at an EWS race.



Full highlights here.....



Race news- Richie Wins USA Enduro round on the new SB150



EWS No6 Whister - Canada - 1 Day Race.

Richie was doing really well, and went into the last and his favourite stage just over 1 second down, Sadly a puncture cost him time, and he ended up 10th.

A welcome return to form, and on the SB6 frame.




No 5 21st & 22nd July- La Thuile - Italy.


Round4Richie1240No 4  30th June/1st July Austria & Slovenia.

Race didnt go so well for the YETI Guys, Richie in 21st, Shawn Neer in 28th, Jubal Davis broke a bone in his hand, and Duncan Nason DNF.

Full Video Highlight here....




EWS No 3. 12-13th May- France.

Richie WINS EWS No 3 in France (Olargues Montagnes) with Shaun Neer 26th, and Jubal Davis 39th. Duncan Nason wins the under 21s again!

(Pics Thanks to EWS & Richie)

Winning bike check here-







All the info here-


EWS No 2 ,  31st March 1st April - Colombia

Colombiapic20181250Colombiapic20182250EWS No 2 didnt go to plan for most of the YETI Team, the exception being Duncan Nason with a 3rd who still leads the under 21 cat.

Richie ended up in 24th, and the rest of the guys, Jubal Davis and Shaun Neer ended up down the field.



Colombiapic20184250Colombiapic20183250Track conditions were mud, making it super hard for all involved.

Sam Hill won again, proving hes a great all round rider, Richie can beat him, let hope he does as the season moves on.




First EWS - 24th-25th March - Chile.


chileshaunneerewsEWS Round one didnt go as planned, but the Yeti guys still did awesome.

Overall Yeti results....

10th Shaun Neer (Pic Below- EWS)


34th Jubal Davis

54th Richie Rude

1st in men under 21- Duncan Nason (Both Pics EWS)





28056503_1566495103445887_2778279442916518818_nThredbo Feb 24-25th  Thredbo Resort will play host to the 2nd annual, Thredbo Super Enduro. This amazing race will showcase the diversity of terrain on offer within the Thredbo Mountain Bike Park.

Riders will compete individually or in a team format with the challenge of racing all three gravity trails in a 5 hour period to be crowned the Thredbo Super Enduro Champion.

Individual riders will be scrutinized with the ruling of only using 1 bike across the 3 race tracks ensuring the most skilled and diverse rider will come out on top.

Richie Rude will be there.

 Pic Richie rude Instagram @richie_rude1







EWS & National Team news

The enduro race season is quickly approaching and the Yeti Fox Factory Team is primed for another stacked race schedule.

EWS TEAM-  two-time Enduro World Series World Champion Richie Rude

NATIONA TEAM- Returning Yeti National Team riders, Shawn Neer and Jubal Davis the team is looking ahead to international and domestic stops on the EWS and Big Mountain Enduro circuits. The pro-team riders will be joined by U21 athlete, Duncan Nason. Buckle up for another stellar year of racing.

PIC- Yeti Cycles


January 2018

2017_EWS_1_Rotorua_10Confirmed- Cody Kelley off Yeti. (Gone to Alchemy with Anneke Beerten)

awaiting news of who will replace him.



How is Richie so good? Well, natural talent goes a long way, but very hard work makes the talent really shine!


EWS- 2018 - all you need to know..... (for now).

Richie Rude is still on YETI, Who will join him? We don’t know for sure.

Round 1 kicks off 24-25th March in Chile- Its an 8 round series, ending up at Finale Ligure in Italy at the end of September.

What bike will Richie ride? Maybe the SB6, or maybe try his luck on the SB55, I’m not sure anybody knows just yet! Will Orange still be in the colour scheme (good chance!), Keep watching here for news as we get it (Pic below thanks to Yeti Cycles).

got news? email  and I’ll share it with the world!


November 2017-   2015 & 2016 EWS Champ- Richie Rude confirmed on YETI for 2 more years (had 4 year deal starting 2016) ! Lets hope he can take it back from Sam Hill!

but who will join him...........


NEW YETI Video - Richie Rude at Schladming-

Silent Shredder. A Yeti Tribe Story. from Yeti Cycles on Vimeo.



Round 8 Done and dusted. Richie ended up 10th overall.

Better luck in 2018 Richie!


EWS round 7;- July - Whistler - Canada

Round 7 didnt work out too well for the Yeti guys, Some bad luck stopped Richie early on ,and despite a stage win, and a very strong show in other stages, just too far to pull it back. - 12th.

Cody had some sort of problem that stopped him finishing the event, DNF.

Last round is Italy- Val De sole on 30th September 1st October.

So lets just sit back and enjoy the DH finals and World champs until our Turq is back in action! I’m cheering for Gwin Ex Yeti -YT.

richieaspenlsmall1richieaspenlsmall2richieaspenlsmall3EWS round 6:- July 29-30th Snowmass Colorado- USA

 EWS Colorado didnt go to plan for Richie ude, with a reported Flat on Saturday, although in the lead at the of Day 1, it didnt go so well on Day 2, with an OTB (unhurt), and dropping loads of time. Cody Kelley made it an all time best overall with a 13th, and a top 3 stage time too. More to come from cody!

Yeti results from Colorado were-

  • Cody Kelley - 13th
  • Shaun Neer - 21st
  • Jubal Davis - 32nd
  • Richie Rude -37th
  • Chris Heath - 104th
  • Duncan Nason 2nd in Men under 21
  • Paul Serra 11th in Men under 21
  • Anne Galyean - 12th Womens Elite
  • If anybody has any pics of these guys, Please get in touch. or find me on FB.




VERY Limited edition EWS Jersey for the USA round available now..

EWS round 5:- July Millau France

Richie got a 44th. Some stage wins, but issues on day 1 cost him a lot.


EWS round 4:- May 28th ! Ireland.

Richie got 5th, Cody got 58th.



More news as we get it.

richiemadeira2017ewssmallEWS round 3:- 13th - 14th May - Madeira in Portugal

Richie Rude was 6th and Cody Kelley was 29th

1 minute catch up video here -

CodyKelleySB55Cody had his SB55 Team bike show up ready for the race! (click for full size) Pic thanks to Shaun Hughes the team mechanic. @yetipolarbear





Preview the race here 

Plus more course videos here -


EWS round 2, Catch up:-



EWS round 1. Catch up:-


First EWS of the season starts off in New Zealand - Rotarua 25-26th March

More news as we get it!



Richie Rude & Cody Kelly tempting us with pics of SB6C (DH set ups)

Will we see more fo the guys on DH tracks in 2017? Wyn Masters said see Richie at Cairns??, lets hope so!




Check out this Shimano video from earlier in the year....



EWS Overall - Rude takes the win! World Champion.


EWS ound 6 - Whistler Canada (pic EWS)

Still nursing a much improved shoulder injury, Richie despite all odds after getting a puncture, went on the win the race! He now has an almost un-challengable lead, heading into the next round in France.EWSwhistersmallrude

EWS Round 5 - Aspen snowmass USA (Pic EWS)

Following a horrible looking crash in practice, Richie rode safely to get points, Old Yeti ride Jared Graves took the win.. Richie took 25th with Team Mate Cody Kelley taking a much deserved 9th!


Next EWS is up soon - more news and results as we get it

EWS round 3

watch the video here.....



Richie gets 3rd and Cody gets 30th. Pics and video soon!


From EWS round 2 -


EWS results video:- Round 2 Richie cleaning up-


April 2016

Richie Rude wins EWS no2 in Argentina! with Ex Yeti Rider Sam Blenkinsop making a surprising 3rd!


March 2016

Congratulations to Richie Rude for the Win at the EWS in Chile. (Pic Vital MTB- Sven Martin)full_EWSChile16_N3X1198_898778

More here-,9952/Slideshow,0/sspomer,2


Chile This weekend!


Richie, Cody & Shaun the polar bear are in Chile for the first round of the EWS, check the Facebook link to the side for up to date updates. Who’s gonna win? Will Ex Racer Jared be the man to beat? I think Richie is more on form that Jared ever was, so this will be exciting! Pics- Richie, Shaun and Cody Facebook. Thanks Guys




After narrowly getting beaten by Jared Graves in the recent enduro event over in Australia, Richie got one better over the ex Yeti racer and beat a stacked field to take the win in the final National in Toowoomba , more here.

pics Element Video / Richie Rude Thanks to Richie FB page.

Top - Podium, bottom the DH6C is reborn.



Feb 2016 -

UK Tribemeet Whinlatter (Lake District) June 18th - More info to follow!


Jan 2016 -

Enduro team confirmed! Richie Rude (USA), will be joined by Cody Kelley (USA) focusing on Enduro.



Last Jared interview ever!

JaredlastintervieweverDecember 8th- Keep checking Pinkbike for a Yeti Team announcement soon! Whos in and whos out?

December 1st, Limited to 200,Yeti Team issue shirts, Coming soon.

November 12th - Added something else in the sneaky peak section of the forum.

Rumour Richie might be back in DH? I’d love to see him with the 1 plate in the EWS. Let us see!

Got an awesome item on the way in time for xmas, will be very very limited and only one box of it ever. Keep an eye on the site and save up a bit of cash, you are going to want it!

Also YETIFAN Enamel mugs, we cant get the YETI ones, so I’ve got some Yetifan versions, will be approx 9.75 plus a bit of postage.Each one comes with a money saving present from me!

BIG update soon, with something nobody else has! I’m working flat out on the site. Please keep visiting here & the Facebook pages! Send your bikes, email me stuff. You know I love it!


Bit of a sneaky peak if you are in the secret section!


EWS Video Re-Cap - Watch the Yeti boys clean up ......



EWS FINALS 2016. First the bad news--------

Jared Graves signs off his career with a win at the final EWS, & what looks like a move to Specialized, well done Jared & a really heart felt thanks for all you have done for YETI and its super fans around the world. We will miss you. (pic EWS)


Now the AWESOME news! RICHIE RUDE #1 !!!! Richie Takes the overall title at the final round in Finale Ligure Italy.

Well done Richie, looking forward to seeing you with that No1 plate in 2016. Hopefully still on a Yeti! (Pic who knows!)



Looks Like Richie Rude with winning the last 3 EWS rounds stands a good chance at the overall. One more round to go in Italy this weekend (3-4th October).

Good luck Richie!


More from the last round in Spain here....,9475/Slideshow,0/sspomer,2

















Richie Rude wins in Spain! at the EWS round last weekend.

Epic coverage over on Pinkbike.

Pic from Richies FB.



Jared & Richies SB6C Anniversary team bikes.


Jared Graves (left) & Richie Rude (right) new SB6C - On the way to the final 2 EWS rounds of the series at :-

spainflagSpain  - 25th - 27th September

italianflagItaly -  3rd -4th October


August 2015!

We are BACK! What did we miss here at Yetifan? email us now and tell us!

Richie Rude won an EWS at Whistler & Jared Graves got a podium

Shaun Neer won a PRO GRT event on an SB6 in DH set up.

New bikes for 2016! Look left.


Old news...


Shaun Neer takes the SB6C to a DH victory at the PRO GRT (USA DH National series)Angel Fire in New mexico.

More here.....,882

Maybe not such hot news, but Richie came 7th at the EWS round in Peebles having lead out of the first day.

Some pics from the event. Prototypre Tyres too!! Pics EWS &






JaredJ3wink600notextJared to miss EWS 2 & 3. Here is what he has to say

As EWS rounds 2 and 3 are just around the corner, its time to mention that despite some good (but very frustratingly slow) progress on my shoulders, I wont be racing in Ireland and Scotland later this month. They just arent quite ready to handle flat out descending yet. Rest assured my training and rehab is in full swing and ill be firing on all cylinders when I return for racing Next month for the first 2 Big Mountain Enduro races in Colorado before EWS #4 in France. Thanks for all the support!


1st April (no jokes here)

Currently working on an SB6 with Di2 - check out that noise! Robocop bike. (FB link) -

full pics and details of the install when its done.

P1000991smallerSTORE NEWS- You asked for Bundles, so I put a few outfits together, First up I’d call the park/ trailcentre /Bike riding outfit no1. Follow the link to check it out!


Jared Graves missed the first round of the EWS, leaving the racing toRichie Rude who came in 12th. Read Jareds update on the race, and his injury here on Pinkbike -


20th March


boomboomsb6c151Scott Boomboom Beaumont got his SB6C built and has been filming a few short films, check out his Facebook page until I can get them over here somehow!





Amazing Jared Graves interview right HERE

Jared & Richie just got their new team kit for the first EWS. Sweet!!


 (3rd FEB)

The GRAVY train continues! Seems like every race he enters, he wins!

Latest from Jared & Richie in their Australian Enduro adventure here.....,8561/Slideshow,0/sspomer,2



(23rd Jan)

Hope built this SB6C recently, crazy disco rave bike! Got to love it.

More pictures soon from CORE BIKE

Like Yetifan on Facebook, Twitter and Instagram for CORE BIKE (Show) updates.

Including all the 2015 gear !


Jan the 2nd, Jared wins road race on first day of the year!

Pic Jareds FB Page.10905998_10152979361228373_7574191946230828072_n


Awesome Movie over on Pink bike about the EWS.



(Nov 19th) Some videos dropping- 2 new ones for you.

City Trails from matthew browne on Vimeo.


And check out this one called Beat Down (link to Youtube)


Jared Graves doing what he does best, riding - fast. on an SB6C. New jersey due in stock next year too!

THE KOOTENAYS x PROVEN HERE from Yeti Cycles on Vimeo.


In stock now! WTB Yeti 2015 saddles.



Read all about Jared EWS win! Here.

Sorry for lack of updates! - email me your bikes & I’ll get them online!

Jared Graves takes the EWS overall title- EWS world champion!

Video here -


Production SB6C breaks cover, and its Green! (Or Black, or Turquoise)

More info here-



NEW YETI AS-R C Race- Full details here.



Whats coming for 2015? More here!

Prototype DH bike- ridden by Jack Moir, and recently taken to 10th at Crankworx Air DH at Whistler by Richie Rude (Video when I get it)


Whistler EWS video :-


EWS- Whistler, August 2014.Jared takes the SB6 prototype to its second win straight in 2 races!


Best Priced Axle & Chip kits in the world?? Back in stock!

esigrips2014EWS Colorado - Fuill video round up ! Congratulations to Yeti’s Jared Graves & Richie Rude for 1st &2nd. Rosara Joseph got a 5th too!

Day 3 Video -

Day 2 Video -


EWS Winter Park Colorado - Yeti wins stages 1 & 2 on the new SB5C.

More here.

DIRT MTB Race Day 1 Video - HERE

VITAL MTB Pits Slideshow - featuring Richie Rude & his SB5C HERE

PROTOTYPE - SB6 - Jareds EWS Bike, more pics all over the net, but for now!

 here it is :-




PinkBike are running a ‘Ask Yeti Anything event’ , more info here...

This weekend  (July 26th & 27th), its the EWS at Winterpark in Colorado.

More here when info is available.








WT YETI SEATS- Delayed until Approx 25th July.

EWS Round 4, Italy, Day 1 & 2 action. Not the best Day for Yeti !

Day 1 -

DirtTV Enduro World Series Round Four La Thuile | Day 1 a Mountain Biking video by AspectMediaUK


Day 2 -

DirtTV Enduro World Series Round Four La Thuile | Race Day Two a Mountain Biking video by AspectMediaUK



Congratulations to Jared & Yeti for taking the win at EWS in France.





Yeti Lego Figures added to the store right now!!

JaredGrinJ4600EWS Round 2 at Scotland was eventful for Jared for all the wrong reasons, and Richie for all the right ones!

jaredpinkbikepicscotlandewsCheck out the report -


Pic- go there! Report Jared.


Lego minifigures are born! Available 5th June 2014 ! JARED, RICHIE & Scott BEAUMONT !



Jared Got a new helmet from the folks at Tourbillon Design in France. Check it out!


SPECIAL DEAL !! WAS 69.95 - now 52.95 ! SAVE 17 !! link here-




New Yeti saddle from WTB spotted

PRE ORDER NOW! to get one of the first 20 saddles!! 69.95




News section refreshed. Old news deleted- starting again 1st May 2014