Limted Edition EWS Jerseys selling well.

Check the store now, low stocks of small and XL66178525_625020461327227_2310658354747277312_n

We’ve moved to a new bigger office! Same address for your returns though, its across the hall!

Find the store HERE. Store news, as you know, the YETIFAN store sells all the latest Yeti gear, into Europe, low postage and no Taxes when your item arrives (unlike US sourced goods). (a $200 order can attract as much as 70/e70 in tax and charges!) So buy from Yetifan who has already paid these for you.

100% Logo Colour on WhiteFollowing a lot of enquiries about a winter glove, I have decided to stock 100%, who you may know for their goggles. The Brisker glove come in winter and waterproof winter models, I have stocked a few others too, as they are too awesome not too. Very well priced, very well made, I am very happy to bring you these products.  They get rave reviews from riders who use them.














YETI 2019 Announced!


Big news is the LIFETIME warranty on all 2019 frames (inc all SB100)

Links go to the Yeti site direct, who better to tell you about the new range...

Line up is -



Updated- SB5 C & T Carbons (inc LR)

SB5 Beti

2019_YetiCycles_SB130_Frame_Black_012019_YetiCycles_SB130_TS_Storm_XX1_XMCALL NEW - SB130 C & T Cabons





2019_YetiCycles_SB150_Frame_Orange_02 ALL NEW - SB150 C & T Carbons.

Updated - SB6 C & T Carbons.







OUT-  SB5+ and the SB5.5(replaced)  & SB45 are history..



NEW - YETI Team Saddle and YETI Grips by Ergon.



EWS TEAM JERSEYS. only Medium left!

The same jerseys as the team are using. Be part of the team!

Limited edition.(pics thanks to YETI UK & Richie Rude)





The ERGON Team YETI Grips (39.95) and Team YETI Saddle (139.95) are on order and will be in store in about a month or so.

2002018_Yeti_Grip_TU_Turq-zoom@2x2002018_Yeti_Saddle_Ergon_Turq-zoom@2xYou might have seen some new ERGON goodies popped up on the YETI Site?

I’ve got the part numbers, I’ve got the info, I now have them ordered, and they will be here one day! More news as I get it.

I expect the saddles to sell out very fast!

Prices TBC.

RICHIE RUDE with NEW XTR! (Pic Joe Lawwill)


More news on 12speed XTR here.


NEW YETI Announced- SB100 XC & Speed Trail weapon- (Shipping now!)

From 5999( $5999 GX Cseries) full bike and 3299 Turq Frame ($3400) & Eagle Turq full bike/Kashima ETC at  ($8995). All the info you’ll ever need -




Yeti Cycles. SB100. from Yeti Cycles on Vimeo.



Thanks to (FB) YetiCycles UK for these pics of Richie Rude EWS bike. (Click for full size)







New 2018 Team bikes spotted! - Pic Richie Rude on Instagram.



Spotted on Geoff Kabush’s instagram- @geoffkabush

New ASR replacement???


Spotted on Richie Rude Facebook -

New team colours?





2018_Yeti_Sock_Flag_Storm-zoom@2xMore SOCKS!

I’ve arranged to get the rest of the 2018 range of socks over here, look out for these hitting the store in March, for delivery in APRIL!

All the socks shown in the store currently are due in 28th Feb.





Some good for sale bikes on the facebook page - Can’t view face book? email me here!



2018 YETI Lineup is HERE!

Broken down in two levels of carbon

C- good Carbon - fully built bike.

T- Super good carbon - Frame only or custom built (or Team replica)

IN -


SB 45 T & C (Pics of SB45T & SB45T full build)


SB 55 T & C (Pics of SB55T & SB55T Full Bulld)


SB5 T & C (pics of SB5 T - & SB5 Lunch Ride)


SB5+ T & C

Pics to follow

SB6 T & C (Pics of SB6T frames, SB6C bike, and SB6T team bike)







Racing News and offical YETI news.

NEXT EWS- Canada  - Whistler 11th August,


EWS No5 -  6th June - France


Richie’s comeback tour continues. He gets a second here in France, just 1 second off the win!

He is currently 21st overall in the series, and thats with 3 rounds less than everybody above him! With some skill deployment and some luck, I think we could see a strong top 10 by the end of the year!


EWS No4 29th June - Italy


The return of Richie Rude, Shawn Neer raced as well, nobody else from the factory team was there.

Richie stormed the event, and won all but one of the stages, taking his forst EWS win of the series.


EWS No3 12th May - Portugal.

Shawn Neer came in 26th. No other Yeti Elite men were there.


EWS No2 31st March 2019. Tasmania Australia.

Catch up here.



  • 36th Shawn Neer
  • 41st Carson Eiswald
  • DNS - Jubal Davis (Suffering Illness)
  • Junior Series- (U21) Duncan Nason 5th.

EWS no1 24th March 2019 - Rotorua New Zealand.

Yeti Results.

  • 30th Shawn Neer  (he was suffereing an injured hand by the end of the weekend)
  • 31st Carson Eiswald
  • 47th Jubal Davis
  • Junior Series- (U21) Duncan Nason 11th



March 2019

Richie Rude to Miss EWS No1 at Rotorua New Zealand. More news as we get it. EWS No1 is on the 24th March.

The rest of the YETI/FOX EWS team will be in attendance.


Richie & Jared Drug story------

Been a little late posting this, as I wanted to see all the facts. In a nutshell, yes they failed the test. But, they are not aware of taking any substance, so it looks as though its been digested accidentally.

The original story on Pink Bike-

Richies Reply -

Jareds Reply-

The outcome as far as I can tell,  is they will both, or could both get a fine, or a ban. Length of time could be 6 months, however, this wont affect Jared, it could affect Richie, and some tales I’ve read means he could miss the start of the EWS season, but may not affect a DH season. This appears to be hearsay, full news as I hear it.